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  • Power supply:100~240Vac,50~60Hz Input power:80VA Maximum setting pressure:650mmHg
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Technical features:

1. Large-capacity CPU, all-microcomputer intelligent design, digital display

2. Two channels of gas output, master and slave channels, can work independently

3. The working pressure is automatically compensated, and the pressure is automatically maintained when the voltage is lost

4. Power-on self-check, fault self-check function, sound and light alarm, easy to use

5. Input power: 110-240Vac, 50-60Hz

6. Pressure control range: 25-650mmHg

7. Pressure control accuracy: ≤6mmHg Noise: ≤55db Power: ≤30VA

8. Running time setting: maximum 240min





1. Power supply:100~240Vac,50~60Hz

2. Input power:80VA

3. Maximum setting pressure:650mmHg

4. CPU control inside

5. High strength TPU material of tourniquet cuff

6. User-friendly interface

7. For detailed functions and parameters, please contact us or refer to our official website.