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  • Built-in purse string and fixed-line nails for easy operation. The purse is automatically formed to shorten the operation time.
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Built-in purse wire and fixing nails

Built-in purse wire and fixing nails for easy operation


Advantages of disposable pursuit string stapler

Purse string formation is made automatically,shorten operation time.







·Single patient use to avoid the cross infection.

·Assembled with purse string and staples, easy to operate.





Purse String Thread Length(mm)

Purse String Thread Materials



nylon 2-0





Our Advantage:


Built-in purse string and fixed wire nail for easy operation

Purse string formation is made automatically.Shorten the time for operation.

Single use, avoid cross-infection



Scope of application:


It is suitable for clinical surgery for purse - string anastomosis .




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